Thursday, September 5, 2013

34weeks 5days

I keep getting so lost, thinking I've updated about something, but than reviewing my posts realize that I hadn't.

The OB from my consult finally sent over the 'informed consent' report. It was just as dry and uninteresting as she was (not nice I know - but true). Low transverse incision, double closure, and no extensions/nics to be noted from my surgeons report. Despite her negativity regarding my 'failure to progress' diagnose with Nolan, my scar makes me a perfect VBAC candidate. So, there is a positive I suppose - LOL!

I ran out of my Nettle Tea and my CALM this past Thursday and O.M.G. can  I notice a difference. My feet are soooo swollen and my BP crept up to 130/85ish over the past few days. Started back to the CALM on Monday and the Nettle Tea yesterday so hopefully I'll see some improvement again and SOON. My feet (i.e. tootsies in Nolan world) are getting to the "so swollen I wish they would fall off" point.

I am loving hubbys reactions to the videos we have been watching in our homebirth class. He finds birth to be so beautiful and I can not wait to share that experience (different from Nolan obviously) with him. I think he will do amazingly.

Planning the baby shower is going well. We are at about 85% ready. Maybe a little more, but they keep coming up with more things we need. I need to go pick up a few more duckies to give the lady at the cake shop to put on the cake. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm ready for it. After that I can get to doing some of the *big* shopping! Soooo exciting.

I will one day update with pictures, but no promises as to when - obviously.

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