Wednesday, August 21, 2013

31weeks 4days - Consult DONE!

I'll admit to being extra lazy and the fact that I really loathe getting on the PC in the evening, I mean, I stare at it all day at work - can you blame me? Up until today, blogger has not been working on my work computer for some reason..??? Either way... Update time!

Had my OB consult on Monday. I went ahead and took the entire day off of work, because they pre-scheduled it (than called me with the time) and it was at 2o'clock in the afternoon. Basically I would only be able to work half a day anyway, kind of pointless.

Mom and Nolan ended up going with (daddy was working). It was a long, somewhat stressful, drive that I would like to *not* make again. When we got there we signed in, filled out preliminary paperwork, and than waited our turn.

First things first they took my BP (which was crazy high, but after the drive and LONG walk from the parking garage to the building - not surprised), they weighed me (216 according to them, I think their scale was off though). Than we went in the for the ultrasound - the fun part ;-)

Baby #2 looks perfect, he's healthy, measuring right on target in the 50th percentile! They 'approximate' him to be about 3lbs 15oz (we all know how reliable that is, but a funny guesstimate none the less). Placenta is still anterior, but really high (so far far away from my scar - GOOD).

My meeting with the OB was less fun. She basically was a big downer (so to speak) and didn't help to ease my moms fears of homebirthing any (though in retrospect it was my own fault for bringing her, I know she's not comfortable with the whole situation). She gave me a 50/50 chance of success and talked about all the negatives (of course), but really - legally that is what she has to do. Her bedside manner was astrocious and I am even more adament now that I would never like to return there. I'd rather give birth alone in a tub than have her deliver my baby (but I don't think hubs would agree me with on that one).

All in all, everything is OK, baby is perfect and the consult is done and over with!

We start homebirth classes this week (tomorrow!) so I am kind of looking forward to those. I am so thankful to have such a supportive husband who (without question) agreed to do these classes. I didn't even have to push! He is pretty much the only one in my corner (and the only one whose opinion truely matters) and without him it would be me going it alone and that I don't know I could handle.

My goal is to get on and update with pictures.... We'll see how that goes :-)

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