Thursday, November 29, 2012

As we approach 2013.....

The itch for another baby continues. I feel like everyone around me has a newborn or is pregnant or is TTC... and honestly, most days it drives me mad. We were supposed to be casually TTCing starting this past month, but alas life happens and the baby making has been pushed back another year. I 'know' its for the best, no doubt, but it does not make it suck any less.

Nolan is growing. He is so big and vocal. I love how much he learns and grows everyday. He is such a kind and loving soul, it amazes me all.the.time. His second Christmas is approaching and daddy and I are beyond excited. Last year was fun, but he'll be much more involved this year and we just can not wait!! So far on the Christmas list is a Fisher Prce 3-step table, plastic dump truck (for outside), a Radio Flyer rocking/bouncing horse, a set of Hot Wheels cars, a potty chair, and a couple Christmas DVDs.

New pictures are definitely needed. Note to self, take a break from school work, and add pics to the Blog! (We'll see how well that works)