Monday, January 6, 2014

Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

Oakley was born at 9lbs 9oz and 22.5 inches. Not a little guy by any means. We still got lots of love out of our newborn diapers though. His cord fell off at 6 days so we didn't use the snap down nearly as much as I expected.

Grovia Newborn AIO
These fit right away, but sadly leaked. It was a combination of the legs being too loose and the fact that they just aren't all that absorbent. I think with a more chunky baby (as opposed to long like my guy) one might have better luck. They did fit for about six weeks though, but they were a last resort diaper only.

4 Weeks. I apparently didn't take any sooner than this!

 They just fit weird on the legs.

Lil Joeys AIO
We barely fit into these. He was on the widest snap from day one. These would probably fit a super tiny baby better than most. I found the inner gussets quite annoying for a couple of reasons. They left really deep indention marks on my Oakley and I found it nearly impossible to clean all the poop out of the gussets. At this point I am going to have to hand wash them before I sell them. That is frustrating. We also had a couple blow outs in them. They were fairly absorbent though and fit for maybe two weeks.

^^Less than a week >>>

 By 4 weeks we barely squeezed in them.

Fuzzibunz XS
Once the cord fell off these fit right away. They fit nicely around the legs and absorbed as much as you'd expect from a microfiber insert. Always a champ at holding in explosive poops. I am not a huge fan of PUL outer diapers, but these were probably the most reliable. At 9 weeks they still fit, with room to grow, but need extra stuffing if we were to use them out and about.

At 6 weeks, apparently these didn't gt much photo shot time, this is the only pic I have!

Rockin Rumps (RnR) Minis
Can not rave enough about this WAHM. Her diapers are consistent and always of the best quality. I fell in love with her one size diapers with my oldest and was nothing but thrilled with her minis as well.

We did not need the snap down rise and they fit right away. A little bit of rubbing did occur, but he was just too long for the snap down rise. A smaller baby likely wouldn't have this problem. She changed her inserts to a trifold insert (opposed to the snap in two layer insert). The trifold is an improvement on how absorbent they are.

We still, at 9 weeks, can fit into them. The wovens are too tight, but the knits still work quite well. I add a booster to the older style snap in ones and we are good out and about. Never a blow out or leak with these! I had mostly A12, but also 3 of her hybrids which I absolutely adored. They were so absorbent! 

Woven, not even 2 weeks old! 

Woven, not even 4 weeks old!

Woven, right at 6-7 weeks old!

Hybrid, not even 1 week old!

 Hybrid, right at 3 weeks old!



 Hybrid, jut barely fitting, at almost 8 weeks old!

Swaddlebee Simplex AIO

We had quite a few of these and I'm happy we did! They fit right away and we are still using them now at 9 weeks. They snapped under the cord great and we actually used them as our go to night diapers. They did blow out twice, but never leaked. He didn't generally poop at night so that worked out ok!

They are an AIO but have a pocket to add extra absorbency too. Super convenient for night time. We'll be rocking these for a couple more weeks I think.

Only a few days old!!

About 5 weeks!

 9 Weeks!! 
The rise is getting short, but still working just fine :)

Goodmama Fitteds (and one hybrid)

These fit from day one. Fit great under the cord and didn't cause any rubbing at all. These were our go to diapers at home. They are absorbent and cute, the whole package! The only down side to these is you will experience a number of size variations.

Somewhere around 4 weeks they started to lack what we needed in absorbency. It was about the same time we started fitting in the one size Goodmama really well. At about 6 weeks the wovens didn't have a high enough rise. At that point only a few of the bigger but knits fit well. We officially retired them at 8 weeks.

The one hybrid I had I could rave all day about. The hybrids have a naturally bigger cut and come with a tiny good.square! It solves both the rise and absorbency issue we have with the fitteds. I would highly recommend these for mama's with bigger babies and heavy wetters.


Hybrid vs Fitted

Only a few days old!
2ish week old! 

 ^^^4 Weeks!^^^

6 weeks, this is a larger fitting knit!

6 weeks, woven, and seeing butt crack! LOL!

Hybrid, 5-6 weeks, you can see the size difference!