Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After much time and resentment I decided I needed an outlet-hence the blog.... William (DH) and I have been TTC since January 09... I went to the doctors today for my yearly and decided to discuss with him that we were TTC even though it hadn't quite been a year yet... Based upon my 4 to 6 month cycles and a couple other things he suspects PCOS... I knew it was a possibility, I have known from the beginning that something was wrong and it would be difficult for us to get pregnant. I thought maybe knowing what the problem was would help make me feel better, but for some reason it doesn't.

I go back next Wednesday(my next day off) to discuss the results of the 5 Viles of blood they took from me today =( Which took the lady 3 pokes to get, because instead of listening to me and using a butterfly needle on my hand she decided she felt the need to poke each arm at least once with the big needle just to confirm she couldn't get blood that way!!! Doctor wants to put me on Clomid for a few cycles to see how that works out, which is great but I am worried that it won't work.... I am a pessimist what can I say? If it doesn't going to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) isn't even an option because my insurance doesn't cover any infertility treatments and DH and I just can't afford the treatments out of pocket.

DH keeps telling me to look on the bright side and try to stay positive and I am, I really am it is just so damn hard! I guess I will try to hold my sanity together for a little while longer and keep hoping to see a BFP very soon =)