Monday, April 23, 2012

Weight Watchers Week One!

Week One and I am down 3 pounds! Not bad considering we only got to walk one day this past week. This is the last week of classes (YAY! Exams....) I get off early this week though so I'm aiming for at least 3 days of walking. Starting next week (depending on work schedule) I am aiming for 5 days, at least 30 minutes a day! Gotta get some of this weight off before we TTC#2 =)

So here I am, one week down at 207lbs! Only.... alot more to go!

On the Nolan front, we are up to 8 teeth! It's amazing the boy didn't have any until he weas over 11 months old and now they are just popping through left and right. I guess that is why he is seeping so horrid and ending up in bed with us pretty regularly these days. We've decided we will be weaning before classes start back in the fall. I am not looking forward to that, it is going to be difficult...... =( I need him to be able to be put to sleep by himself. I can't be nursing hime while on Clomid either and it is especially hard to TTC if there is always a baby in bed with you. So we'll see. I have plenty of time to look into different methods and find one that wil work for us. Wish us luck LOL!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's time to LOSE IT!!!

Weight that is!! I started Weight Watchers on Monday... Weighed in at 210 pounds O_o

This week and next I will just be counting points, school is out after next week (finals, yay...) and I'll hopefully be joining a gym. A couple of the ones in our area are offering free trials, so I'm going to give it a go and see how I like it.

I'm going to *try* to remember to log in what I weigh each week to keep myself accountable, but I'm realistic and know I'll probably forget ;) My goal is to loose at least 40 pounds, but preferaby 60! I am SO ready to get this weight off!!

Hubby and I have decided that we will be TTCing #2 at the end of this year (or possibly Jan 2013)!!! There are a few things (finances, birth issues, etc) before it is set in stone, but it's looking ike I will definitely be having a baby by the end of next year =D

Anyways, just my quick update!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Post Partum Cycle

Not that it's anything anyone is overly interested in, but I feel the need to get a few things out. I started my period after almost 13 months of being gloriously AF free on March 1st. I didn't expect much, but decided to start tracking as a just in case-so that I could an idea of what my body was doing. Everything was going relatively normal (for me) with near positive OPKs, bunch of jagged temps, and a whole lot of random fertile CM. Than on March 26th, something crazy happened!
Thats right, a positive OPK O_O Hubby and I stared in disbelief at what could NOT be happening. I ovulated, ON MY OWN! This was an awesome (albeit unexpected) event. Something we had hoped would happen after having Nolan, but never truely expected. The problem being, we had DTD on the 24th. Meaning we, were unfortunately in the 2WW.
As excited as I was to have ovulated, my emotions led me to scared sh*tless of the possiblity of being pregnant. Yes, I want another baby. No, I do not want another baby NOW. 2 under 2, um.... No thank you O_O Now sitting at 6dpo, awaiting the next 8-9 days until this cycle is over. I am at the mercy of chance at the moment and awaiting the answer.