Wednesday, September 25, 2013

36weeks 4days - Blood Pressure Update

My blood pressure revealed a crazy high reading last night. 140/96 (after walking mind you, but still). I went into total panic mode, which than resulted in me crying to my poor husband. I feel so bad about it now, but when I saw that reading I just lost it. All I saw was a transfer of care, OBs pressuring me, bed rest that we can't afford quite yet, etc.

After my mini break down my husband reassured me (bless his ever optimistic self) and made me lay down and relax for a little while. We re-took it and it had come down to 130/80. Not great, but definitely better. I had to be laying down in order to get that reading though - so not exactly sure what that means in the long run. Bedrest? OB Consult? Transfer of Care? It is definitely something Marianne and I will have to review tomorrow at my appointment.

I took it on lunch today and it was 140/91. I am hoping this increase is a result of skipping my nettle tea for three days (Saturday through Monday) and eating like crap as well (I was super bad this weekend) AND not walking because of all the rain. I'm hoping I can convince her (assumming no protein or anything in my urine) to give it another week to see if I can get it back down by picking up my exercise routine and being more concrete about drinking my tea.

Upside being there is no signs of anything else. Mild headache I noticed yesterday, but nothing unusual. Swelling is there, but no different than usual. Goes down once I elevate my feet for a bit (which I am also attemting to do at work here as well). No flashy lights or floaties or any of that fun stuff. So I am sure the BP is just that, BP.

I just don't know that I can emotionally handle going back to seeing the OBs again. I just don't think I can. It was so hard last time and I was such a wreck while I was there. Heck, the BP reading the nurse got was crazy (148/98!?!?) because I was just so distraught (and annoyed at the long drive/traffic).

Will update after my appointment tomorrow....

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