Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Co-Ed Rubber Ducky Baby Shower - Almost Time!!

Next weekend (Saturday) is the baby shower! We've been really in gear getting things together. It is so much more work when you decide to do these things at your home (we can thank hubs for that one). We are about 95% ready after grabbing most everything this weekend and just a few spare items to grab towards the end of the week (veggies and bread, plus the cake) - things we didn't want just sitting here for a week.

We are doing a "Guess How Many Candy's" raffle. It will be set up on the same table with the onesies for everyone to "sign in" ON the onesies. Adorable Pinterest idea that we happily stole. I can't take much credit for this, it was mostly the hubs craftiness. He did a great job!!

Another idea stole from Pinterest! Cut out ties and clip them as closures for the gift bags for the winners of the games. Another one I can't take much credit for - other than the idea LOL!

We are trying to keep this as simple as possible. We have four games lined up
1 - Clothespin Game - No Saying Baby
2 - Baby Babble - Word Scramble Game
3 - How Big Is Mommy (Seriously dislike this game, but mom insisted)
4 - Memory Game - Items On Tray, How Many Can You Remember

We also were sure to buy gifts for both the ladies and the men. We have about 6 'female' gifts and 3 'male' gifts. It is unlikely the guys will participate too much, but we wanted to be prepared. I had hubs pick out the guys gifts. Things like a tire gauge, cleaning stuff for a vehicle, etc. The girls gifts are various forms of lotion, body wash, stationary, candles, etc. The gifts portion is always so hard - you want to buy something neat - but not spend a TON on it. We got most of the stuff from either the Dollar Tree or Big Lots - both of which gave us a fun variety of stuff and hopefully everyone likes it!!

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