Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Home Visit" Completed! - 35weeks 5days

Our 'home visit' went beautifully! The midwife was late, she left her cell phone at the office sos he was late, but other than that everything is great. We made sure that where we had planned to set up the birthing tub would offer plenty of room for it and for her (to be able to manuver around it). She did suggest setting up a path and being sure to have extra plastic so that we can set me up on the couch afterwards and not have to worry about getting all the way to the bedroom.

*No scale this time, so no weight update.

*BP was 140/80 - usual office reading for me. My at home readings are beautiful (this week they've been a perfect 120/80 - very happy about that).

*I did have leukocytes in my urine, which apparently means I am fighting a minor infection/cold of some sort - she said it wasn't anything to worry about.

*The right foot swelling more than the left is apparently normal. Just has to do with babies position and apparently he prefers my right side to my left - LOL

I love that when she started talking about labor and delivery she focused on getting me there, healthy, sans BP issues - and going into labor on my own. Those she focused on, not the fact that I couldn't dilate after my induction or that he was posterior, etc. It showed me that she has faith in *me* to deliver this baby vaginally and that meant so much. Now if only my BP continues to behave itself. Only a little over a week til we are full term, about the same time my BP went up with Nolan.

One day at a time. Right?

We, mom and I, have been walking every day this week. Having someone else to walk with makes it so much easier. We haven't got to walk much each day either it rans or Nolan gets bored, so maybe 15-20 minutes, but its something!

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