Thursday, October 3, 2013

"38 Week Appointment" - 37weeks 5days

--38 Week Appointment--

*Lost 3 pounds (whoops!)

*BP was 130/88 in the office. A little higher than what I've been getting at home. Usually bottom number is in the mid 80's. As long as we stay under 90 - we're good. Only a couple more weeks, just need to keep it behaving itself for a couple more weeks (my mantra)!

*Fundal height jumped to 39 this week. Midwife thinks he might have had a bit of a growth spurt! <3 p="">
*My iron draw showed that my iron was a bit low (which explains why I've been so tired). She suggested I pick up a liquid iron supplement and start taking it (doesn't that sound yummy?).

*Highlight of the appointment - I AM GBS NEGATIVE - WOOT! :-D

Nothing else interesting to report. No protein in my urine, keytones (as usual) were present, still swelling - right side worse than left.

We are 110% ready - homebirth wise - not a single item left on the list to get. I am getting quite excited for our impending homebirth. A part of me is still reserved in that I don't want to get too excited and than our plans change. I can't help it, my pessimistic side won't let that possibility go. It is just a small side though, the midwives have been extremely supportive and wonderful. They seem to have faith that I can do this and that my hypertension is just hypertension. I am just going to keep with my routine and hope that it keeps having that positive effect that it has been all along.

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