Saturday, October 19, 2013

"40 Week Appointment"

My appointment went wonderfully! Key notes.

*MariAnne is officially on vacation so I got to visit with Charlie today, love her!

*Keytones and Leukocytes in my urine. Nothing unusual and just proves I am still fighting off this ridiculous head cold. ((NO PROTEIN))

*I lost a pound. Putting me at +2 for the pregnancy :-)

*BP was actually perfect 120/80 - crazy!
We talked a bit about my elevated readings that I had been getting at home. I had been so stressed out since my readings had hit that 140/90 "cap" that we've been trying to stay under. Charlie didn't seem overly concerned since in all reality it is merely points away from what is considered my 'normal' range. She made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. The basis of the conversation came down to as long as I don't have a blood pressure reading that spikes out of my norm (i.e. 160/100 or something crazy like that) than our home birth is still a go.

Have I mentioned I love the personalized treatment that I receive with both of them??? They really look at me and the reality of the situation. I am not pre-eclamptic - first of all!! We have managed my hypertension this far and the confidence that she/they have that we can continue to do so gives me the strength that I need!

Anyways - TODAY IS MY DUE DATE! Eeek!! So here is me at, today, at 40 weeks!!!

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