Sunday, October 6, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diaper Update!

I officially got all the cloth diapers prepped and ready to go last weekend! It was so much fun playing around with newborn diapers (I might not be saying that a few weeks into him being here!). I only part time CD Nolan as an itty bitty because I never expected to give birth to such a small baby (being that he was only 6'12 at birth) and he stayed little for soooo long. This time I am prepared!!

What is better than itty bitty hanging diapers!?!?
So, freaking, cute!

The official stash shot!

Left Row - Newborn Swaddlebee Basix

Second Row - XS FB, Newborn Grovia, and Lil Joeys

Third/Fourth Row - Goodmama Newborn Fitteds

Fifth/Sixth Row - RnR (Rockin Rumps) Mini. Mostly A12, but a couple hybrids as well.

Back - Stack of Prefolds and 2 RaR Newborn covers

I can not wait to put them to use! I hope to be able to update (with pics) of which are my favorites and why. It is so hard to find newborn diaper reviews that are done by people who have used cloth before. I think the first go around you are still fumbling to learn how to use them effectively and I have a hard time  trusting reviews like that. So, maybe, I'll be able to help someone else at some point along the way!

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