Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am so aggravated with myself that I haven't had time to update this, but better late than never ;) I have officially started to feel this LO move!!!! It started on Thursday at 19weeks 1day!!!! I still can't believe it! Now that he/she has started moving he/she seems to never stop LOL I am now just waiting until they are strong enough for DH to feel them, but at the rate this is going that should not tbe too much longer... Or at least I hope!!

So the big day is Monday!! We get to find out whether we are joining Team Pink or Team Blue! I am still voting Pink LOL I am really really hoping that this LO chooses to cooperate so that we can see the goods =P Either way though it will be nice to get to see him/her... Man am I tired of having to say him/her LOL It gets really old!! Well nothing else interesting going on right now, better get back to laundry!

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