Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keep Forgetting to Update!!

U/S #2!! I was measuring 12weeks 5days so my DD changed to Feb 23, 2011 =D Everything looks good with the baby!! DH actually went to this one with me, at first the LO was flipping all around and he was having a hard time figuring out what was what LOL I did find out that my uterus is titled back, so I am doing these silly exercises to try and make it flip back forward again.... FX it works!!!
My OB also mentioned that I 'might' have a hard time deliverying vaginally. Something in my pelvic region is larger than it should be and causes the space in my pelvis to be smaller than normal... So I guess depending on how big baby is depends on whether that would be a problem or not... I am hoping not, because I really want to deliver vabinally... I am not all for getting a C-Section.. but I suppose if thats the route I have to go to have my LO in my arms I will do it happily =) I do intend to try vaginally for as long as I can stand it and as long as the LO is not in any distress!!
Other than that... Nothing new going on on my end... My next appointment is the 13th, nothing interesting at that one just getting the results from my BW =) After that though it is gender determination time!! I am so excited!! First week of October and me and DH will know whether we are on team pink or blue =D Can't Wait!!!

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