Sunday, August 15, 2010

Can't wait!!!

Tomorrow is U/S #2!!! I am so excited!! This time around the baby should look more like a baby and less like a blob LOL I am starting to feel really bloated and blah here lately for some reason... I am really hoping that I haven't gained too much weight yet... That's one bad thing about having absolutely no M/S is that I have no reason not to give into these silly cravings I have been having!!

Either way I am excited to see our LO again and hopefully to get to 'hear' the heartbeat as well =D Well the job situation didn't work, its a long story so I will spare the details.... Let's just say people should really fully explain things... Anywho... DH's truck is still running, so thats a good thing LOL It'sbeen having some issues, but hopefully its nothing too serious!! I unfortunately have WIC appointment on Tuesday... I was trying to avoid getting on WIC, but with DH still not being able to find a job and his unemployment getting cut off we don't have much of a choice... We applied for FS and they gave us a whopping $16!! I swear that is someones idea of a practical joke....

Anywho... done with my complaining for now.. I should probably do something productive like clean the house HAHA my lazy butt... probably not hehehe =)

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