Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good News, Bad News.....

<<<-- Pic is from yesterday at 10weeks 4days!! Still not seeing much of a difference, but I am definitely more 'tubby' than I was a month ago =P

So, shortly after we found out we were pregnant things began going unbelieveably down hill... DH's truck broke down, his unemployment was cut off, and than the motor in my truck blew!! It was a horrible couple of weeks and after my truck sitting in the shop for a month, the warranty company has concluded they are not going to replace my motor leaving me to foot the bill entirely... Like thats going to happen, so needless to say my truck will be at the Ford dealership for quite some time... We just got DH's truck up and running this past weekend so I am pretty excited about that =D

Well tonight William got a phone call about a job!!! He starts tomorrow, it is out of town unfortunately but after searching for a year and a half we can't really be too picky!!! I will adjust to him being out of town, I have done it before I can do it again!!
It kind of stinks though, because our next U/S is a week from tomorrow and DH was really looking forward to being there for this one =( The baby should look well... more like a baby LMAO!!

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