Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some days I still can't believe it

It's amazing I am over halfway through this pregnancy and I still have days where I look at my belly and go "Is this for real??" In approximately 4 1/2 months I am going to be a mom!! I spent so many years thinking this was never going to happen, that there was a good chance I would never have a child that its just hard to get past those thoughts.

My OB has labeled me Chronic Hypertensive (which just means an early onset of high blood pressure) The blood pressure pills seem to be doing there thing, my blood pressure has not been up like it was since I started them... Although still slighted elevated a heck of alot better!!! He was pretty 'frank' in expressing to me that there is a good chance I will have an early onset of Pre-Eclampsia. So I am on a low salt diet, walking (as much as I can), making sure to drink plenty of water, and watch my weight gain. He said in doing these things I can hopefully hold it off for a little while or at the very least if it does happen I will be the healthier for it!!!

I will have to be getting blood work done to make sure the blood pressure pills are not causing my platelets to drop. If they are I will have to go off of the blood pressure pills, because a drop in platelets could cause me to bleed out while in labor... I don't know what we do about the blood pressure if it comes to that, its not like I can just walk around with elevated blood pressure cause that can cause its own set of problems.

I have another U/S on the 1st which I am looking forward too =D Happy to get to see my little guy again, I love being able to not only feel his movements but watch them as well!! He is a little acrobat that is for sure, moving everywhere and kicking/punching me all over the place!!! The movements William can feel are still very few since my placenta is anterior my OB told me to expect that.... Hopefully soon we can both regularly enjoy the movements of our little miracle; Nolan Fredrick =)

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