Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Sorry For Myself

Didn't O until CD18, but better than CD21 LOL Not feeling very optimistic about this cycle for some reason.. Although I don't have any particular reason not too, I just don't... What can I say? I am a pessimist LOL I think some of it may have to do with my Progesterone testing tomorrow. I am so worried that my levels aren't going to be high enough.

I guess four Clomid cycles in and I am getting a little exhausted.. It has been very stressful over the past year, and now all the meds are just adding to it... Sometimes I wonder if its all even worth it... I mean I want to have a baby, but what if no baby comes of all the effort I have been putting in. What than? Do I write it off as a failure and move on? Would I be able to move on?

I suppose I am getting ahead of myself. My OB agreed to 5 total cycles on 150mg (although I really don't want to be on it that long) so almost 2 cycles down and 3 to go... It doesn't help that DH is out of town, he is really good at getting me out of these funks that I get into... I suppose I will have to tough it out until tmrw night when he comes home =)

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