Saturday, October 10, 2009

Waiting for AF!!

Took last Provera pill last night and am now officially waiting AF to show!!! Time for a whole new cycle and Clomid!!! Staying positive, keep telling myself that this is most definitely going to work!!
I just hope AF doesn't take too long to get here.... Like Tomorrow!!! No cramps or anything yet (some backaches but I have been having that for like 3 0r 4 days now) So she'll probably take her sweet ass time showing up when I actually want her =(

I did some researching today and have made the decision to become a CD'er (Cloth Diaperer) Early? Yes I know, I just want to be prepared!! It is a really nifty thing, great for the environment, and so damn cute!! It's alot cuter than what I thought initially!! I always thought it would be icky and complicated, but its really not!! So looking forward to that. Hubby things I am a little crazy but thats okay. He said we will do whatever I decide and I have decided to CD =)

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