Thursday, October 15, 2009

CD #1!!!!

Well AF showed today!! I was oh so excited to begin my first cycle on Clomid!! Keeping fingers crossed that it does indeed cause me to O!!! Now I just have to get through the Provera induced period and oh so much fun side effects of the Clomid!! My biggest bummer about the idea of Clomid not working (at 50 mg) is the fact that I will have to go through another dose of the Provera.... Ugh... that was the most miserable 10 days ever!! I had migraines, nausea's all the time, overwhelmingly tired, and just flat out bitchy the whole time!!
Poor DH is probably going to end up pitching a tent in the backyard to get away from me if the Clomid is just as bad lol I honestly never thought I would be this excited with the thought of putting my body through hell, stretching it beyond belief, and going through miserable child birth!! But damnit I am!!

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