Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So... now waiting to O...

Well... Finished Clomid (50mg) this past Friday, been taking OPK's since Monday and all negative... Although the one I took today had a line on one side that looked almost as dark as the control line... Of course instead of waiting to dump out the cup to use the digital to double check... I dumped it like an idiot, now I have to wait another 4 hours to do it all over again... Ugh...
Oh BTW: I bought the CB digitals to use as my back up for when I thought I had a + on the IC.... Since I am oh so very bad at interpreting lines.
Got my nails painted today they are red and black... Very tasteful though so that after Halloweens over I don't have to run out and get them repainted right away... Dressing up for work on Friday and I have a Halloween Party that we are going to Friday night so I will most definitely post some pics =) My costume is pretty lame... It is some medieval, gothic, robe-hooded type thing... Its the only thing I could find that would be 'work appropriate' and I am too cheap to buy another one just to wear to the Halloween Party. So oh well, it'll work =) I wasn't going to drink because I didn't want to mess up my temps but I might just break that... It's been a kind of depressing week thus far..

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