Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ultrasound Update - 13+2weeks

Do I even need to say anything? Our baby is doing fantastic. It was the most profound feeling to see he/she moving around as well as can be. We officially know why the midwife was unable to get a heartbeat - apparently we have a little acrobat on our hands! The poor U/S tech spent twenty minutes chasing the baby trying to get the heartbeat. He/She was just doing flips the whole time. Head, butt, head, butt, occasionally hand, that's all you saw! LOL!

While she was unsuccessful in getting a good listen at the heartbeat, daddy and I definitely couldn't have been happier. Just to know everything is OK and that he/she is happy and healthy in there, that is all that matters at this moment.

Still keeping up with the daily Nettles Leaf Tea and I am up to 1.5tbls of CALM. I am hoping beyond hope that this is assisting with my blood pressure. Though blood pressure tends to go down during the second trimester anyway, so I have that on my side as well - FOR NOW.

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