Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ultrasound (from 13wks 2dys) Official Stats

It appears this babies measurements are all over the place. Ranging from the femur measuring at 13wks exactly to the Abdominal Circumference at 13wks 4dys, the Head Circumference measuring 14wks 1dy and the Biparietal Diameter (another head measurement) at 14wks 2dys! Weight was 73 grams (which is, if accurate, indicate of closer to 15wks).

Heartbeat was fantastic at 158!!!

My placenta is anterior, as I suspected when viewing the U/S. It looked to be placed similarly to my pregnancy with Nolan. Just means I won't feel much til later in the pregnancy, again. Also, if it hangs out low during the pregnancy it could cause an issue if it is placed on my scar, but no point in worrying about things we don't know yet.

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