Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a little vent,,,,,

Cycle #6 here we are... I have pretty much lost all hope in the Clomid altogether... I am expecting nothing out of this cycle or the next... I am going to call to find out how much an HSG will cost so that maybe I can at least get that done and out of the way... What other reason could there be for not getting pregnant yet, unless my tube's are blocked? It is currently CD 16 and BD'ing is supposed to begin this weekend, but I am sick as a dog and can barely function so I don't know how thats going to work... Can nothing ever work out smoothly? No wonder my favorite saying was always "Life sucks, and than you die" LOL

DH's cousin and girlfriend have also been TTC for a while, although after like 3 years they still refuse to get any additional help or admit that one of them might have a problem... Completely baffles me, anyway... His cousin was telling us that his girlfriend might be pregnant, and than went on about how they didn't need any help and how they did it all on there own... All of this right in front of me, when for 1 he knows how long we've been trying and for 2 knows that I am on meds to help us get pregnant!! I was so infuriated I almost threw him out of my house, but I kept my cool and just went and laid down =( I swear his family is so insensitive and that is exactly why I keep telling DH I don't want most of them to know...

Well I suppose up side is if the Clomid doesn't work, than we are taking a break from all the TTC mess and will have more time to focus on our relationship and re-modeling out house which I am overly excited about!!

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