Thursday, April 8, 2010

**Halfway There**

Well today is 7DPO... My chart looks decent so far, but it always does at this point. The past 2 months my temp has dropped on exactly 10DPO so if I see a drop then I can be fairly certain that I am not pg (or at least so I think lol) This week hasn't been too bad I suppose, although the second half of the 2WW always seems longer to me =) Double bummer being if I do start AF I am due the day of our Relay For Life which I go to straight after work at 6:15 and stay all night til 5 or 6 a.m. the following morning!!

Me and DH have had a couple discussions over the past week or so about our lack of time spent together, so this Sunday I am surprising William by taking us to Busch Gardens. He doesn't even know I bought the passes yet =) He has always really wanted to go see the animal exhibits there and I love roller coasters so I really thought it would be something we could both enjoy 2gether!! Our relationship really needs this, we have been so stressed not only with TTC but just a mess of family crap altogether!
Plus, something deep down inside of me is worried that if we can not have a child that our relationship may not survive. Not that we would ever split because we couldn't have a child, its just that most couples spend the majority of there relationships raising children. Without that we would have a considerable gap to fill, I am therefore bound and determined to find activities that we can do together as a couple =)

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