Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mid-Wife Consultation

I met with an amazing MW named Mariann today.  It was astonishingly refreshing to speak to someone who really had a passion for birth and understood the desire to birth free of interventions.  I didn't feel, as though with my husbands sometimes, like I am speaking to a brick wall.  While supportive and loving, he doesn't really 'get it' in the way that I need him to do sometimes.

The basic run down, is pretty much what I expected.  As long as I don't experience any blood pressure issues, like I did with Nolan, than all should be a go for a home birth if I choose.  If my blood pressure issues resurface, which honestly I think they will, than my care would have to be transferred to an OB.  While I understand why this has to be done, I do not like it.

One thing I was quite thrilled about is her ease and understanding of transferring in and out of care if need be.  I can start with her and she'll help me transition to an OB if I need too or I can start with an OB and if no blood pressure issues arrive and I am confident in a home birth, I can transfer back to her at about any point in time.  I found this incredibly reassuring knowing that the decision I make now is not the ultimate decider for the remainder of my pregnancy.

She also informed me, which I didn't know, that TGH will do gentle induction for VBAC patients.  That was quite a surprise to me and another source of relief.  While I hope that BP issues aren't a problem, it's nice to know that IF they are, we have options.  I won't have an OB in my face screaming C-SECTION, C-SECTION!!  They will actually attempt to induce me first and let me try for a vaginal birth.  Albeit, hooked up to monitors and IVs and the like, but still.  ((See, this is me trying to be optimistic))

Ultimately the consultation brought me a lot of answers and some clarification on things and I am beyond happy that I got up the nerve to make the appointment.  She was amazing and I hope that this pregnancy is picture perfect and I can have her as my MW, but only time will tell.

To end today on a very happy note.  A few pictures from Nolan's 2nd Bday!!

On the way to the zoo!!! ((2 and still RF FWIW ;-))

 Nolan and Daddy

He seriously loved this turtle. He kept following it along the bottom of the glass!!

He kept staring every time kids walked by <3 br="">

Daddy wimped out on feeding the Rhino's so I took it for a spin!! Kind of.... slobbery! An interesting experience, for sure!

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