Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It appears the plans to wait to TTC have failed

Because we are PREGNANT. Feb 8th was Nolan's 2nd birthday and after spending a couple days suspecting, I took a test. What a birthday present for my little boy, a baby LOL!! The emotions are high, mostly I'm freaked out... and excited. Hubs is as happy as can be, of course! We have yet to go to the doctor, but I am... working on it.

Nolan's birthday was so much fun! We opted out of doing a traditional birthday party this year. We decided to do a "behind the scenes" tour at Lowry Park Zoo. We all enjoyed it! Nolan was very freaked out by the Rhino's, but who can blame him, they weigh thousands of pounds! I'll have to add some pictures later, it really was a lot of fun!

Beginning the plans for my VBAC/HBAC have been quite a headache. I keep reminding myself that I am still REALLY early and there is plenty of time to find a provider. I wish I could make a definitive decision between hospital or home, but I keep waffling between the two.  I have a lot of concern surrounding becoming hypertensive with this pregnancy again, if it happens, and can't be controlled I feel like I'll be pushed into another C-Section and I do not want that. I am attempting to get up the nerve to make an appointment for a consultation with a midwife, but I am afraid of being told that I am NOT a good candidate. Crazy paranoia? Yes, most definitely.

My goal this pregnancy: To document everything here, as often as possible, so that I have a good reference base. I really slacked off with Nolan, but I am determined to keep an up to date on everything this pregnancy. So as of today, a matter of days past 4 weeks, I am already having the pain in my lower back from my titled uterus that I experienced with Nolan's pregnancy. I had an appointment with my chiropractor yesterday and I feel SO much better. The tata's already feel like they are trying to pick up production, which is also different from Nolan's pregnancy. Though, I am hoping I remain lucky and end up with no morning sickness this time as well (a mama can help). I am making some changes to my diet (it's been awful lately) and trying to start finding time to fit in some short walks. I am determined to be as healthy as possible this pregnancy. I have cut *way* back on my caffeine, upped my water intake, been hoping on my gazelle (though I'd prefer to just walk, but that will probably only be on the weekends), and just... relaxing. Trying not to stress about all the crap running through my head. It is a work in progress ;-)

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