Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'Last' Month of TTC

I can't say that I am not just a little bit relieved that we are almost done with the Meds! Although, I am not giving up hope of having a child just yet I do know that it will probably be quite some time before we seek further medical assistance. Who knows, maybe we will get a miracle between now and than =)
Somehow I ended up with 5 extra Clomid pills, so after ringing my doctor he said if I wanted to go to 200mg for this month than basically to 'go for it' LOL He cracks me up! So that is what I am doing! I am doubtful it will make any difference, but its worth a shot!!
Hubby had an interview last Monday, but he didn't get the job =( He has another one tomorrow! I am so excited!! Usually he can't even get in for an interview, but now he's had 2 in a week and a half!! So I am keeping my FX that this one works out for us!! We have both been so very stressed financially and emotionally... TTC has drained us beyond we were prepared and with him not working it has been just that much worse!

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