Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our journey has come to an end...

It seems that the 150mg did not work.. Which means our TTC journey is coming to an end for some time.. We can't afford to go through the testing and treatment that a specialist would require =( It is unfortunate, but financially we just aren't able to swing it at this point in our life...

Although on the bright side, our land lords have finally decided to sell us this place. So that is exciting. We decided fixing up the house was more pertinent than funding our TTC journey at this point in our life. I will continue to save, but the saving will be split to fund our remodeling as well. Maybe over the next couple of years we maybe able to return to TTC'ing but for now, it's just not very realistic.

I am also putting a big step forward trying to loose weight, in the hope that the weight loss will stimulate some sort of response related to regulating my cycles. One can only hope, but loosing weight will be a slow process so once again only time will tell =(

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