Friday, August 7, 2015

From Unhealthy.... To Healthy Part One: The 'Oh Shit' Moment

A lovely friend(s) suggested that I Blog about my journey. I struggle to articulate where I've come from and how I've gotten here when I'm asked by well meaning people in my life. I am self conscious about this new body that I've found myself in and it is not something that is easily explained, either.

Here I am today... In short, nearly 100pounds lighter and a million times healthier....

I won't attempt to speak for every heavy person out there, but there have been a number that I've spoken with who have experienced this same moment. The reality of years of 'abuse' to ones body. You spend so much time avoiding the truth. You might acknowledge that you've gained a 'little' weight. That maybe you aren't as healthy as you 'should' be, but you don't truly 'know'.

Than that day comes.... Maybe it is a glance in the mirror, maybe the way your stomach folds when you sit in a chair, or the way your arm jiggles as you reach into the pantry for that satisfying snack. Whatever it may be, this, is that 'oh shit' moment

My moment came in Christmas of 2012. A quick family photo at my Grandfather's. In front of the family Christmas Tree that we've always done. Looking at these photos. Myself, my husband, and my oldest - Nolan. A beautiful family photo, it should have been, but that is not what I saw.

What I saw was rolls, rolls, and flab. That couldn't be me? Could it?

Sadly, it was. I made arbitrary promises than. That I'd start changing my diet. After the new year. After school was out. ((sound familiar))

Here it is, my 'oh shit' moment. All 225 pounds of me.

This, friends, is Part One.

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