Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Update - 21weeks

Since I fully expect myself to go overdue, I will call today, my halfway point! It's so crazy to be having another boy and really, I didn't realize, how little it would leave me with to prepare! I mean, once we transition N to a toddler bed, his crib is open, and we can just reuse his crib set. It would be silly to get another. I have a MOUND of clothes to go through and I'll start on that in about 3 weeks when classes are out (WOOT).

Speaking of classes, I keep imagining me at 32weeks pregnant, starting back classes full time in the fall, and honestly just the thought drives me to want to take a nap. Maybe part time would be better? But I don't know if I'll have enough funding if I only do part time. Mama needs to run some numbers. Regardless, first quarter ends, quite literally, days apart from my 'guess date' and that stresses me out. Doing finals while your damn near in labor, sound like a good time to anyone else? Yeah.... No.

Pregnancy update, the swelling is in full swing. By the end of the work day my ankles are killing me. I am drinking so, so much water per the midwifes recommendation, but really it is only helping somewhat. I notice that if I drink less water, the swelling starts sooner, but regardless I am still puffy by 6-7 o'clock. Luckily it is centered in my ankles mostly and no crazy puffy hands so far (pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, crossing my fingers to avoid that this time).

The baby is a mover, pretty much 24/7 these days. I can feel periods of him sleeping, but mostly he is just a moving around in there. Quite a change from Nolan who didn't move much at all, I am loving it!!

Here I leave you with a picture of Nolan 'helping' daddy work on his new room (baby will be in his current room).

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