Thursday, May 30, 2013

Midwife Appointment - 19weeks 5days

Todays appointment went pretty well. My blood pressure was up a bit 140/78, though at least the bottom number was better. I am finding myself to be a bit more comfortable with them now, so I hope that it gets better. I, like the air head I am these days, forgot the paper that I have been writing my blood pressure down on (which has been perfect by the way). She just asked for me to e-mail her a pic of it, so that she has her record as well.

I am up ONE pound! Woot! She did notice some swelling in my legs so she suggested I try to up my water intake. I've also been slacking on my Nettle Leaf tea, which I told her, so I *have* to pick some up on Saturday! Also been slacking on my protein snacks (I know, I suck) so I've got to get my a$$ on the ball!

The baby seemed to be napping again today. Took her a minute to find him/her because he/she likes to stay all snuggled up on my left side! <3 140="" again="" heartbeat="" in="" love="" s="" sound="" that="" the="" was="">
Ready for the super exciting news? TUESDAY is our big ultrasound! We are so, so excited to know what this little one is! No more calling the baby a he/she LOL

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