Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waiting to O or Maybe I already did??

Well didn't get to temp this morning because I forgot I had put my cell phone on silent last night =(
But my temp did take a slight upward curve yesterday so I guess only time will tell.. I don't think I O'd though cause that would just be way too soon!!
Surprisingly while on the 100mg I had less side effects than when I was on 50mg... I thought that was kind of weird, but hey I am not complaining lol =D Oh and we are supposed to be BD'ing like crazy but nooo I had to get a yeast infection... Rrrrr...
I am really hoping this cycle works!! It is kind of frustrating knowing we are doing everything we can and are still failing =( I am just trying to stay positive!! I know how badly DH wants this and I really want to make this a reality for him, that the idea that we may not is just horrible!!

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